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 What Is Indeed? | how to find jobs i applied for on indeed | Indeed Job 

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In today's time whether it is government job or private. It is a bit difficult to get both the jobs. In today's time, out of 100 students, only 10-15 people get a good job and husband. If you are also one of those unemployed students then this article is for you. Indeed what is a job. How to search for jobs apply for jobs in Indeed. All types of information are going to be seen in the article. read carefully

Today we know what indeed is. How does it work? And indeed how to search for jobs

What Is Indeed | WFH Job Vacancy 2022 

Indeed it is a job giving site. Every day thousands of private jobs keep coming out here. More than 80% private jobs are available here. This is a trusted site. Jobs here mostly come out for the students of 18+ age. Here you can do job according to your education.

Indeed Sign In & Indeed Log in 

First of all, you have to go to google and search Indeed. Then the home dashboard of Indeed will be open. After that you have to click on Create Account. In which you have to fill your details. Such as: Name, Address, Phone Number, City, State, Area, Pin Code, and your Education Qualification have to upload your nice resume. You do indeed have to profile well. Now you are completely ready to apply job. 

how to find jobs i applied for on indeed | Indeed Vacancy in 2022

Friends, after signing on indeed, you must be thinking that how to search for your job. And indeed how to apply for the job. I will tell you that you follow all the condition step by step.

Step 1 

First of all you have to sign in 

Step 2 

Now login to the account you have created

Step 3 

Here you will see the option of What and Where. What to search your field job and where to enter your location. Enter both the information and click on Find Jobs button.

How To Apply For Jobs On Indeed?

We have indeed learned to do job search. How to apply case for job according to our qualification. In fact, read step by step how to apply for the job.

Step 1 - You have indeed learned how to search for jobs. You have to do your job search. After that how to apply for job
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Step 2 - After searching you will see many jobs. As I have done data entry job search here. Here all the jobs regarding data entry will be found.

Step 3 - Now here you have to click on any job according to you. You have to click on the apply now option in the right side. Then you will see all the information about the job. After seeing the information, you have to click on the apply button.
Step 4 - Now you have to fill all the information and qualifications. After applying, you Congress! option appears. It means that your application has been successfully done. The notification of which will keep coming to you on your email account. After 4-5 days of applying, the reply will come whether your job is located or not.
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