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How To Make  gmail account

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To send and receive messages online on the Internet, we need a Gmail account/ID.If you have bought a new mobile, then if you have bought an Android phone for the first time, then you need a Gmail Id to run the internet in the phone.

Nowadays, thousands of online Gmail users provide Google for free. But this type of Gmail Id is not safe and it can also be a fraud. If you want to create your own gmail id. So you can easily create a gmail account through the information given by me.

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What Is Gmail 

Gmail is a web based email service. Through which you can send and receive messages on the Internet. A Gmail account plays like a type of whatsapp. Gmail is a type of free tool on which you do not have to pay any money.

What is the full name of Gmail, the full name of Gmail is (Google Mail). Gmail is a Google product which was developed by Google in 2004.

Benefits of creating a Gmail account / Gmail id बनाने के fayde ?

1. You can send and receive emails by creating a free Gmail account. You can send a message at any place or post office free of cost sitting at home. Now you will not have to go to the post office offline. You can ask for all the information by mailing any friend or relative online.

2. After creating a Gmail account, you also get 15 GB of free hard disk space. You do not need any storage for Gmail.

3. If you create a Gmail account, then an automatic Google account is also created through it.

4.If you have applied for the job, then you can also submit your resume, bodydata etc. through email, you can keep your data safe through your google drive. Wherever you are, you can access the email via the Internet. 

With the help of Gmail, you can easily create google forms, slides, sheets, docs too. Now you don't need to download MS Office. You can easily do all the work from here

What Need To Create a Gmail Account/id ? 

You must know that Gmail id is a free based service.

1. You must have an android mobile or computer

2. Internet Connection

3. Mobile Number

4. A little digital understanding

If these things are available with you, then be ready to create a Gmail account.

How To Create a Gmail Account 

Step:#1 - Chrome Browser

First of all, you have to open Google Chrome on your mobile / computer.

Step #2 Go to Website

You open Google Browser. Search by typing in the search bar. you can also go from here Chrome Browser

Step #3 Click on Create New Account

Now gmail will open in front of you. You have to click on Create an account in the top right side

Step #4 Create username and password by filling the form

-You will open a form to create a new gmail here. You have to fill in all your information and complete the form.

According to you, fill a gmail id before And then click on Next.

 1. Write your first name i.e. like - Manish

2. Enter your last name here like- Meena

3. Username: Here you have to fill your username like :- Manish123 Then click on next

4. Now you can fill a password according to you like:- Manish543@23 Like this

You have to create a strong password

After completing this work, you have to click on Next

Step #5 some other information

Now you have to fill in some more information, after which the entire Gmail account will be completed.

1. Phone Number:- You have to fill your phone number box.

2. Recovery Email Address: - Here you have to fill the recovery email id. If your gmail id has been created then fill it. If not then you can leave

3. Your Birthday :- Here you have to fill your date of birth

4. Gender:- Choose your gender through this

After filling all the information properly, do it on the next....!!

Step#6 mobile number verify karwaye

Now you have to verify your mobile number. Verify your mobile number with your Gmail account by entering your OTP. After that click on Next

Now fulfil all the conditions of Google Privacy and Terms in front of you. Click on

After this your Gmail is ready. Now you can use Gmail id

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