Weight Loss Diet Chart - Fat Loss at Home ( 15 दिन में वजन कैसे घटाएं? ) : Fat Loss Vs Excise at Home

Great Ways To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks (Stomach And Obesity)

> All people seem to be troubled by obesity, we have to face many problems due to obesity, if you want to reduce your belly fat, then this article is going to be special, try these measures today. See, if you have a disease other than obesity, then you should consult a doctor,

How to burn fat fast at home,fat loss diet plan for female


1. Honey in Water

Honey is considered very good to remove obesity, you can mix 1-2 spoons of honey in lukewarm water, and if you want, you can also add lemon juice to it, you can take this solution every morning on an empty stomach. You will see great benefits by consuming it.

2. By drinking coconut water.

Coconut water contains more electrolytes than fruits, and sugar + flavor is not found in coconut water, drinking coconut water gives a lot of energy to the body, due to the lack of calories in it, obesity does not increase. ,

3. Mint Chutney.

By using mint, metabolism increases, which makes your weight loss very easy, you can make mint chutney and use it with chapati, the fat present in mint helps in giving us energy.

4. Joe - gram bread.

- Instead of eating wheat flour bread, you start eating gram flour bread, you grind the ratio of gram flour to 10-2 flour, and start eating this flour roti, this flour By eating roti, you will not get carbohydrate + calories stored in your body.

5. Green Tea.

- You can also reduce weight by using green tea > 1 small spoon + a cup of hot water > First you mix a spoon of green tea in a hot cup > After mixing this solution for 5-7 minutes Keep it for heating > Then filter it > You mix honey in hot solution and drink that tea > Should use 3 times daily > Benefits - Relief in reducing obesity by using this type of green tea daily will meet,

6. Black pepper.

- You can also reduce your fat by consuming black pepper, you can use a teaspoon of black pepper powder + by mixing it in tea / salad or any diet > Benefits - Piperine component is found in black pepper, Which gives a strong smell, which proves to be very helpful in fat loss

7. Fennel

- Taking 1-2 teaspoons of Soaf powder every day helps a lot > Method - First roast the fennel on the pan till it turns light brown > Then grind it into a granular powder in the mixer, now sieve the powder with a cloth or / through a sieve > Then mix 1-2 teaspoons of it in hot water and consume 1 glass daily in the morning.

8. Ginger

Ginger is also very good in losing weight, first of all, mix grated ginger in a cup of hot water > After mixing it in water, keep it on the stove to heat for 8 minutes > Now sieve it through a sieve. Also add honey to it > Mix it well and drink it after it cools down a bit > You can drink this remedy 3 times a day before eating food.

9. Yogurt

Eat a bowl after meals every day / which also proves to be very good in fat loss.

10. Cranberry Juice

Drink a glass of cranberry juice 30 minutes before a meal > Cranberry juice is low in calories > It can help you lose weight

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