Aboutfame media: How to earn money for free | Aboutfame media से पैसे केसे कमाए free में

Aboutfame media:Its like a youtube but without putting the video here. You will get money This is its home dashboard. I will give you the link of this earning app in the middle.
• First of all you have to register in it and complete your profile. After this, you have to go to the setting and verify it with your government ID. You cannot take payment without KYC. • In 20 minutes your ID will be verified and you will get a blue tick • You do not have to do two step verification. take care • You have to like and comment on the videos posted by others. By which you will get points which will keep adding to your wallet. • You will get 25 points on one like and comment. Which is equal to 100 points 1 $ dollar
•You will see a plus icon on the dashboard so that you can enter any YouTube video. • You can submit here by putting the link of any video which will be on your channel. • You can get 15 points for posting a video. Link:- Aboutfame media
✓Such will be your earned money which you will see as follows. ✓You can withdraw as soon as 50 $ of these pesos is in your account. • You can also use wallet pesos in advertisements. Whatever be yours, you can promote it very easily by putting ads on them. • You also earn that too for free, now this site has come

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